Similarweb User Research
We’re looking for people who uses, Similarweb platforms, read our blog, attend our webinars and use our extention – anyone who’s interested in helping us improve our services.
Sure! Talk to me
We need your expertise to help us influence products and services in Similarweb - Give your feedback directly to Simialrweb product designers and managers
How does it work?
You’ll be invited to take part in online and in-person interviews, usability tests, surveys and more. There is no obligation to participate in every activity: we will check with you first via email if you would like to opt in. For some more time-intensive activities you will be remunerated.
How can I participate?
You can participate from anywhere in the world, using your own devices and equipment.
Would you collect my data?
We collect information from you so we can match you with relevant activities, and we will only be using your data to contact you about research participation. We use a third-party provider, Google Sheets, to manage our user panel. For information about how we handle your data, see our privacy policy.